Complete Content Management Implementation

Certain deployment services must be provided to insure a successful deployment of NovusCMS. These are required services. Other services can be provided if needed and these are optional services.

Required Services

Project Manager and QA – During deployment, a project manager is provided as part of your software cost for the purpose of preparing the software for shipment. However, if you purchase other services the project manager will oversee that work. If you handle all the services listed below on your own, you will not require any project management services from us.

Web Site Analysis and Structure – Planning must be done to prepare a full site plan for the web site. This involves a careful analysis of your current web site structure with some thought on how to restructure the web site. Restructuring the web site for use in a content management solution will be required.  The restructuring plan should consider concepts that come into play when you are using a content management solution.

• What should be the global navigational plan?
• What is the regional navigation plan?
• What level of design changes do you want local users to control?
• Who can edit navigation?
• What should the site hierarchy be?
• Who has rights to each sub site?
• Do we need regional administrators or just central administrators?
• What basic rights do we assign to certain groups?
• What do we name our user groups?
• Who belongs in each user group?

Once these decisions are made they are implemented in the NovusCMS software. This task includes the implementation of these decisions into the NovusCMS software.

Create a new Look and Feel – Your organization may already have a defined brand you want to stick with. If that is the case, that brand or look and feel can be sent to Novusolutions in HTML format and it will be added to your software at no additional cost.  If you need a new look and feel for your site, to portray a fresh brand, this will have to be created by a professional graphic designer who has experience designing for the web. If Novusolutions delivers this service, the process we will follow the process below.

The look and feel or visual appearance of a web site is the most noticed feature. Robust, fresh content is important however, if it does not look good, it will not do well on the Internet.

Your Novusolutions Project Manager will walk you through a mockup process that will help your team select just the right appearance for your web site. Our designs are flexible and can adapt to just about any web page configuration you can dream up.

 Administrator Training – You will require at least one or a small team of central administrators to oversee your NovusCMS solution. The Administrators will be managing user rights, creating global groups, overseeing site structure and a number of key centralized tasks related to site appearance and workflows. 

Optional Services

Content Porting – You may have existing web site content you wish to port or transfer to NovusCMS. This process is referred to as content porting.


Hosting – Web site hosting can be provided by you or Novusolutions. The technical specifications are listed in your proposal for internal hosting.