Key Features of NovusCMS

Current, Accurate Information

By definition a web site is a collection of information covering a wide variety of topics. A setting such as yours requires information ranging from Parks and Recreation to the latest changes in the construction project on main street. With this enormous array of information, it is critical to have a foundation that allows many users the ability to create, edit and maintain these pages. Parks and Recreaction information is most valuable when it comes from the people who specialize in that area not the IT or marketing department. If Park staff has to run every web site change through IT, the public will receive out of date information in an untimely manner. A valuable web site demands current information that changes daily. This can only be accomplished with a robust foundation like NovusCMS that empowers the enterprise to manage content.

Consistency Throughout the Site

A web site must present information in a consistent manner. Consistency is the key to easy navigation and a positive user experience. NovusCMS provides the foundation for the you to manage the primary navigation of the site as well as the look and feel or branding of the site. A web site is actually a collection of many sites. Each sub site can provide detailed information on a specific topic to the visitor. While sub site information is unique, the branding of the site should remain consistent throughout.

Staff can build and manage their web pages. While staff have control over the content they publish, the look and feel of all sites can be consistent throughout! The NovusCMS workflow helps ensure all content is approved before it is published.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is another key issue. Allowing many users to contribute content can be a training nightmare. We realize many clients experience high turnover in the faculty area. This turnover could lead to a never-ending training mission if your web portal solution uses complex interfaces for web content creation. NovusCMS is simple to use and the learning curve for most computer users is very low.

Access for Disabled Users

Access for disabled users is a factor to consider. Your organization serves the entire population, including disabled users. Disabled users actually use the Internet at twice the rate of non-disabled users. They are more dependent on this medium to gather information efficiently. Meeting standards set by section 508 of the American’s with Disability Act requires managing many issues simultaneously. The question is, how can we empower many users to create content yet maintain control over key accessibility issues? The answer is NovusCMS. NovusCMS uses content templates that prevent your content creators from inadvertently violating section 508 standards. In addition, the centralized control features of NovusCMS empower administrators to make changes quickly to any area of the web portal.