How We Deploy the Perfect Content Management System

Graphic Design

“Look and Feel” is defined as all the elements that make up the appearance of your website. This would include item like logos, color schemes, font color and size, header size, etc. The “look and feel” of your website should reflect your organization and should be unique.

This is the creative process during which design ideas are presented by our graphic designers and modifications are made based upon your feedback. This process can last anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 weeks depending on how quickly we can collaboratively develop a design that meets your approval. The mockup phase will not complete until you are completely satisfied with the design of your new website. If the project is going to get behind schedule, this is where it will happen. Generally, the mockup process can be finished in a timely manner if the number of people involved in the process is kept to a minimum.

We will create mockups for you to review and approve. Once the mockups are approved they are sent to development.

If you already have your site layout and appearance set you simply send us the HTML and we will convert it for us in NovusCMS.

Site Navigation  

It is important to make it easy for users of your website to move from one web page to another. It is also important that users know where they are on your website in relation to other sections or pages of your website.

Global Navigation- these are links that generally do not change from sub-site to sub-site. These links take users to pages that would provide pertinent information to any user of the website.

Regional Navigation-These links change as user browse form one major area of the site to another. They stay consistent within their area of influence.

Local Navigation -these are links to group of web pages within a sub-site and usually change as a user navigates from one sub-site to another.

“Bread Crumbs” -this displays the relation of the current sub-site to other sub-sites within your website. 


We provide on-site training for any client. On-site training will be delivered in 2-3 hour sessions for classes up to 15 students. Up to three classes per day can be scheduled. There is a cost associated with onsite training. See the pricing section for this cost. Each client is responsible for providing a classroom with a computer for each student. In addition, a projection device for the trainer computer should be available in the classroom. Training manuals are provided to you on the CD which contains your software. The training manuals are in Microsoft Word format and can be reproduced by you for internal training with no additional costs. All printing costs for training manuals will be the responsibility of the client