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LDAP Authentication

This plugin makes user management easier in two ways.  First, it allows members of your Active Directory who may not be NovusCMS users to log into NovusCMS if they are part of a group(s) in active directory.  You set up the allowed groups in the NovusCMS web.config file.  When they log in and no user is found within the NovusCMS "users" list, the plugin creates a user with Writer privileges.  Password and email data are transferred from Active Directory.

The second feature of this plugin allows system administrators to add individual or groups of users from the Active Directory to the NovusCMS Users list.  The system administrator selects the group, selects the user(s), sets their start node and user type.  The users are all added to the NovusCMS User list.  The graphic below shows how this works.



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